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iPhone 5, Samsung galaxy Note 2, Samsung galaxy S3 ,ا礫 , Samsung galaxy S4, ҤҶ١ҡ!!!
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»ա-Ͷ͹ Ͷͨչ iPhone / Samsung ١дշشҹ!!

- Samsung galaxy Note 2 Clone Quad Core 1.6 GHz, Ram 2 GB, ͧ 8 ҹ!!
Ҥ 5,990 ҷ
Ҥ Է蹢 6,900-7,990 ҷ (ͧҢѺ)

- Samsung galaxy S3 Clone Dual Core 1.4 GHz, Ram 512 GB, ͧ 8 ҹ!!
Ҥ 5,490 ҷ
Ҥ Է蹢 6,900-7,500 ҷ (ͧҢѺ)

- iPhone 5 Clone 1:1
Ҥ 4,999 ҷ
Ҥ Է蹢 5,900-7,000 ҷ (ͧҢѺ)

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Samsung , iPhone
iPhone 5 ,Samsung Galaxy
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